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A collection of LED work lamps and LED utility lighting, including desk and table lamps. Take advantage of the superior style and efficiency of LED lighting and LED lamps in your work place. Click on any of the LED work lamps shown below to visit the supplier site and find out more about the product.

1 Light Table Lamp
ID: 1(254051)
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Square Deck Sconce No. 1524 by Hinkley Lighting
ID: 1(94620)
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Optix Beauty Spot by WAC Lighting
ID: 1(103308)
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Clout Mini Pendant - Hookah by Varaluz
ID: 1(103118)
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Doscubos Pendant by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89758)
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Mille Nuits Desk Lamp by Baccarat
ID: 1(90009)
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Sugar Pendant by Tech Lighting
ID: 1(101718)
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Boreal Pendant by Tech Lighting
ID: 1(101939)
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Irix Beauty Spot by WAC Lighting
ID: 1(103307)
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Yo-Yo LED Mini Pendant by Forecast Lighting
ID: 1(93829)
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Norman Wall Sconce by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89766)
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Horizon LED Task Light by Humanscale
ID: 1(95486)
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Big Jak Wall Sconce by Fire Farm
ID: 1(93261)
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Garland Wall Sconce by Kichler
ID: 1(97260)
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Broadway Horizontal Mini Pendant by Fredrick Ra...
ID: 1(94024)
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Fantasia Belle Avventurina Pendant by Oggetti L...
ID: 1(99710)
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Small Jak Wall Sconce by Fire Farm
ID: 1(93274)
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Kono Pendant by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89800)
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Element Vision LED Task Light by Humanscale
ID: 1(95485)
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Claesson Koivisto Rune w081w Wall Sconce by Was...
ID: 1(103507)
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Amore Onion Pendant by Oggetti Luce
ID: 1(99692)
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Carnevale Sirio White Quadro Wall Sconce by Ogg...
ID: 1(99761)
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Kairos III Linear Pendant by Bruck Lighting
ID: 1(90805)
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Carnevale Rio Multi Torch Wall Sconce by Oggett...
ID: 1(99774)
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Loft Maple Mini Pendant by Fredrick Ramond
ID: 1(94029)
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Sombras Wall Sconce by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89815)
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Pave Pendant by Oggetti Luce
ID: 1(99892)
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Rialto Line Voltage PAR20 Track Head by WAC Lig...
ID: 1(103493)
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Greta Wall Sconce by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89796)
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Edgy Rectangular LED Task Lamp by Trend Lightin...
ID: 1(102412)
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Carnevale Kandinsky Gold Quadro Wall Sconce by ...
ID: 1(99759)
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Bimbi Red Reticello Quadro Wall Sconce by Ogget...
ID: 1(99735)
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Broadway Pendant by Fire Farm
ID: 1(93309)
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Caribe Low Voltage MR16 Track Head by WAC Light...
ID: 1(103489)
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Libretto Floor Lamp by Currey and Company
ID: 1(91497)
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Nim Pendant by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89808)
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Pipe Clamp by WAC Lighting
ID: 1(103355)
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Nim Wall Sconce by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89810)
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Trash Me Table Lamp by &Tradition
ID: 1(89246)
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Fantasia Belle Dolphin Blue Quadro Wall Sconce ...
ID: 1(99792)
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Halogen Swing-Arm Wall Sconce No. 8160/1 by Hol...
ID: 1(94699)
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Fantasia Belle Blue Ribbon Quadro Wall Sconce b...
ID: 1(99783)
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Meyda Tiffany - 19138 - 31.5""H Roseborder Tabl...
ID: 1(78039)
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Sugar Pendant by Tech Lighting - OPEN BOX RETUR...
ID: 1(102046)
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Sophi Pendant by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89770)
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Echo Small Pendant by Tech Lighting
ID: 1(101807)
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Norman Linear Suspension by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89765)
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Fantasia Belle Klimt Multi Torch Wall Sconce by...
ID: 1(99822)
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Gables Outdoor Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting
ID: 1(102513)
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Vento Wall Sconce by Arturo Alvarez
ID: 1(89774)
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